Matthew Berger

Software Engineer

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A Vulkan-powered gltf scene renderer written in Rust. This will eventually include physically based rendering of gltf models.

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A small cross-platform 3D game engine, using OpenGL for rendering. This project was my introduction to a variety of modern rendering concepts.

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A gltf scene renderer using OpenGL and written in Rust. The knowledge gained from this project will be used to write an OpenGL backend for DragonGlass.

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OpenGL Superbible Rust Port

A Rust port of the OpenGL superbible, eighth edition. This includes an implementation of a KTX parser and a parser for the superbible-specific 3D model format.

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Rust Raytracer

A brute force ray tracer implementation following the "Raytracer in a Weekend" book. The project also includes a partial implementation of features from the second book in the series.

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An Ogre3D 1.9 and C++ project template that uses CMake to setup an Ogre development environment quickly and easily. I created this so that students in my game engine architecture class could easily get started, as setting up a development environment was tricky.

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Scientific Games

Software Engineer

  • Collaborated with remote engineers to integrate TextMeshPro into a Unity-based production casino game development framework.
  • Assessed and resolved batches of defects quickly that were crucial to the release of major games.

Hamilton Robotics

Software Engineer

  • Designed and built safety-critical software in a cross-disciplinary environment that calibrates and operates liquid-handling medical robots.
  • Reduced development time for new calibration routines from two months to less than two weeks by consolidating multiple applications into a single GUI and reusable-plugin framework.
  • Decreased development environment setup from a day to a few clicks by creating a bootstrapper that installs dependencies and configures settings on a Windows virtual machine.
  • Worked directly with Hamilton's largest OEM customer to architect an application that commands the firmware in their robots for rapidly diagnosing and resolving mechanical issues.
  • Mentored new hires and interns on team processes and coding practices.

Hamilton Robotics

Software Engineering Intern

  • Decreased time spent quality testing robots by more than a week per robot by automating the process of gravimetric analysis.
  • Saved developers hours of time per day on common tasks by creating a suite of in-house tools.
  • Improved instrument sales by creating software adapters for both SiLA and non-SiLA compliant devices through collaboration with third-party device manufacturers.

Washoe REOC

Database Application Developer (Contract)

  • Created a SQL database and web application for emergency response teams to quickly search local subject matter expert contact information.


University of Nevada, Reno

August 2013 - December 2017

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering

Minor in Mathematics

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