Creating the Rendering Library

To keep the rendering code separated from the rest of the codebase, we will create a new library called obsidian_render.

Adding the Render Crate

To start, we can create a crate for handling graphics.

cargo new --lib crates/obsidian_render

Then we can link obsidian against the obsidian_render library, by listing it as a dependency in obsidian/Cargo.toml

obsidian_render = { path = "crates/obsidian_render" }

and expose it as a library module.

// src/


pub mod render {
    pub use obsidian_render::*;


Add dependencies for error handling, logging, and a new dependency named raw-window-handle to crates/obsidian_render/Cargo.toml.

anyhow = "1.0.34"
log = "0.4.11"
raw-window-handle = "0.3.3"

raw-window-handle is a library that abstracts platform specific window handles. The winit library uses the abstraction from this library to provide a window handle via the HasRawWindowHandle trait implementation on the Window type.